John Goff is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and sound

engineer from Orlando, FL with over 30 years in the music

industry. He currently serves as rhythm guitarist/background

vocalist/sound engineer for Nashville country artist, JB

Crockett. Goff saw his first big break in the music industry in

the early '90s as guitarist of the Orlando-based rock band,

Tabitha's Secret, which included future Matchbox 20 members Rob

Thomas and Brian Yale. During the band's career, they would

write a song called "3 am" which Thomas and Yale would

later include on Matchbox 20's 1996 debut album, Yourself Or

Someone Like You. The song reached #1 on multiple charts in

North America and hit the top 100 overseas. 

Since then, John has studied music business and audio

engineering at Belmont University and has worked consistently in

the industry as a musician and sound engineer.

John is an ASCAP-affiliated artist and brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to any musical setting of which he is a part.

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Belmont University - Music Business / Audio Engineering


JB Crockett (Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals, Technical Director. 2015-Present)

Alex Hayes Band (Guitar, Background Vocals. 2012-2015)

The Dank Hanks (Guitar, Background Vocals. 2008-2010)

Window (Guitar, Background Vocals. 2001-2004)

Isle 7 (Guitar, Background Vocals. 2000-2001)

Tabitha's Secret (Guitar, Background Vocals. 1992-1995)


Rhythm Guitar/Background Vocals/Sound for JB Crockett Hate Love Tour 2019 - Aug. 1-Dec. 7, 2019

Rhythm Guitar/Background Vocals/Sound for JB Crockett Spring Tour 2019 - Mar. 15-May. 25, 2019